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The unexpected is part and parcel of life. And when it comes to breakdowns, the key to managing them successfully is all about preparation. If you don’t want to get stranded while driving in Newport or the local area check this out. Our article will cover 10 essential items every driver should have inside their car to reduce stress and possible damage during a breakdown experience.

By reading this, you’ll be able to equip yourself with knowledge so your chances of dealing with breakdown issues on the road will improve

Car Breakdown Kit

Breakdowns are never convenient, but having the right tools can make the process a lot easier. They may even save you from making that call to car recovery service providers. A car breakdown kit is a collection of essential items every driver should have on hand.

  • Vehicle Insurance coverage is another must-have item, as it makes accident paperwork smoother in the event that happens.
  • Spare tyres and tools such as jacks and wrenches should also be included to get your car moving again after a flat tyre.
  • Jumper cables will help revive a dead battery
  • Flashlights with batteries and reflective triangles can ensure greater visibility in case of emergency.
  • Warning signal lights can come in handy when roadside visibility drops due to poor conditions where you’ve broken down.

Finally, always make sure you include a first aid kit just in case minor injuries occur during the incident. Having these essential items ready at all times increases your chances of getting back on the road quickly after an unfortunate breakdown.

Emergency Resources

Towing Companies & Services: When your car breaks down, it’s essential to have the number for a local breakdown recovery company ready. For Duggan Recovery you can call 07360 074573 24/7, 365 days a year. This way you can get help quickly and won’t be stranded on the road without assistance.

Knowing Your Vehicle’s Limits & Capabilities in Bad Weather Conditions: Before you set out, ensure you understand how your car handles various weather conditions. That way, you’ll make smarter decisions about when to drive and when it’s better to stay at home.

Being Familiar with Local Emergency Resources Nearby: Having knowledge of nearby gas stations, repair shops, and hospitals is essential in case of an emergency. Ensure that your route coincides with locations of such establishments if possible or keep them close by just in case.

Minimising Risks when Stuck on the Roadside With a Disabled Vehicle: If you ever find yourself having car troubles on the side of the road, make sure to pull over as far away from traffic as possible and turn on your hazard lights for more visibility so that others can take caution.

Managing Minor Mechanical Repairs

Preparation is key when it comes to managing minor mechanical repairs. Taking the time to understand what you need and keeping the right tools and equipment with you is essential for a successful DIY fix.

Auxiliary battery packs are a must-have as they provide a quick and efficient solution to jumpstarting a dead car battery. Their portability ensures that they can be easily stored in your vehicle.

Alongside this, investing in a reliable diagnostic tool can be incredibly useful if something goes wrong with your car. This tool will enable you to identify potential problems before taking your car to a mechanic, potentially saving you both time and money.

Having knowledge of the basics of vehicle maintenance is also important, so take the time to understand common issues, check up on scheduled servicing, and learn how to use the components of your vehicle correctly.

Communication Devices

Cellular: Don’t forget your cell phone. It’s essential to have one that functions and a charger so you’re able to call if something goes wrong.

Connectivity: Don’t be left in the dark. Keep your device charged with a power bank so that you’ll always be connected in times of need.

Emergency Plan: When travelling, make sure you have an emergency plan in case your car does break down. Have a list of contacts and services close by that can provide assistance with repairs or towing.

Safety: Looking after your safety should be a top priority when out on the road. Invest in high-quality communication devices in case of an emergency while driving or stuck in remote areas without a service provider or people nearby that could help.

Trustworthy Tools: Reliable communication devices are worth their weight in gold when it comes to staying safe and connected on long drives or spur-of-the-moment trips away from home. Get tools that you can trust for exceptional performance and security when needed most.

Reflectors/Conspicuity Tape

Optimising your vehicle’s visibility is crucial for safety. Reflectors/Conspicuity Tape can turn any car into a conspicuous vehicle. These tools reflect light to make the vehicle more visible in dark, foggy or low visibility conditions, providing peace of mind for drivers and occupants. It only takes a few pieces of tape or flares strategically placed around your car to get the job done.

Plus, installing this equipment can also be an affordable yet effective way to increase visibility on roads and highways, making your car much easier to spot. Ensuring high levels of visibility is simple when opting for reflective materials like retroreflective tape, long-range conspicuity tape, reflective triangles and hazard warning signs.

The perfect combination of these elements will make your vehicle absolutely impossible to miss – even in higher-speed traffic lanes. Ultimately it’s essential that you take this step to protect yourself and other vehicles sharing the road with you – no matter how big or small your ride may be.


When all is said and done, being prepared is key. By keeping essential items in your car – from a spare tyre to phone chargers – you can face any likely breakdowns you may encounter. Taking the time to stock up on these items shows that you are ultimately thinking ahead and caring for your safety on the road. While breakdowns may be inevitable, this simple preparation can make all the difference in getting back on the roads quickly and safely. Have fun and stay safe out there!