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Agricultural Machinery Recovery

Towing Broken Down Agricultural and Industrial Machinery

It comes as something of a surprise to people that agricultural machinery or industrial plant would ever need recovering or towing. In fact, although not as common as road vehicles, industrial plant and agricultural vehicles such as tractors do occasionally break down and need a recovery service.

Although not one of our most demanded services, we have recovered a wide range of agricultural and industrial transport due to our many years in the breakdown recovery business.

In addition to our tilt tray tow trucks, we maintain a full range of modern equipment needed to transport a wide range of broken-down vehicle types. This includes agricultural machinery and industrial vehicles.

Providing that access to the location of the agricultural vehicle is available, we can send one of our tow trucks throughout the South Wales area to recover a stranded tractor or other farm vehicles. Because the farming and industrial communities of South Wales are spread out, you need a reliable and efficient breakdown recovery service capable of getting to difficult locations and then moving farm or industrial machinery to a location where repairs can be carried out. Of course, this also needs to be a secure and safe process at an affordable price. Our recovery operators are trained in a wide range of vehicle types and have experience across a broad selection of road and off-road vehicles.

Our agricultural recovery service is available primarily in Southeast Wales but can also range further afield. The agricultural communities around major cities such as Newport, Cardiff and Magor are reachable by our recovery vehicles. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including public holidays.

Why Call Duggan Recovery?

Transportation of agricultural machinery or industrial plant is an area of recovery where experience matters. As an independent recovery business with a localised operating area, we know the geography and terrain settled by farming concerns in Southeast Wales. We are local to the area ourselves and know the communities.

Due to our many year’s experience, we have polished processes and a five-star track record in breakdown recovery. We aim to have a recovery vehicle for you within 30 minutes of receiving your call and establishing what vehicle you have. This may not always be possible given the type of terrain agricultural machinery and plant operates on. If we can’t reach you quickly we will make sure you are kept in the loop and know what we’re doing and when we expect to be with you.

On arrival, we will assess your situation and agree with you on what location to recover your vehicle to and what costs would be involved in that recovery. While most recoveries are local to Southeast Wales, we can in principle transport your agricultural vehicle anywhere in the UK. For you this means you get a trusted breakdown recovery service with great local knowledge and a proven track record in recovering agricultural vehicles or industrial plant.

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