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4×4 SUVs are lovely cars to own and drive but like any car can break down at the most unexpected of times. Even a 4×4 Looks unattractive on the side of the road late at night and in the most inclement weather!

Towing and recovering your 4×4 is not something you may have given a lot of thought to but when you have a breakdown or an accident you will need to. If or when that unfortunate event occurs, you will want to ensure you have the contact details for a good recovery service that can get to you quickly. Even better, you want a recovery service that is used towing 4×4 vehicles, on-road or off-road.

Duggan Recovery has been in the towing and recovery business for over 15 years and we have encountered more than our fair share of broken-down 4x4s – both on road and off. Our goal is to make 4×4 recovery fast, efficient, affordable and as easy to arrange as possible. With years of experience, we believe we have achieved that for 4×4 SUV vehicles in South Wales.

Off-Road 4×4 Recovery

Driving off road and a 4×4 vehicle can be a lot of fun but if you’ve done this type of driving more than a few times then you’ll realise how very easy it is for your 4×4 to become stuck. Mud is probably the biggest problem but your 4×4 can also become stuck if you’re rock crawling or misjudge a slow crawl down a narrow path.

Getting stuck is never great but if you do then it’s always a good idea to have a reliable recovery company phone number to hand. You want a towing recovery company used to recover 4×4 SUV vehicles from off-road. In all types of weather and all surfaces.

Duggan Recovery has experience with recovering 4x4s from the countryside, mountain areas and narrow roads of South Wales. We have all the necessary equipment to recover your vehicle from most off-road situations (and we’ve seen a few believe us!). if you need your 4×4 to towed from a muddy patch or recovered to a flatbed truck to get you out of the area, then get in touch right away.

Where Are We?

Duggan Recovery’s 4×4 service is available across South Wales and southern Brecons. we operate around Newport, Cardiff, Caerphilly, Usk, Magor, Cwmbran and other areas around these towns and communities.

Why Call Us?

As an independent family-run recovery service, we aim to deliver the most cost-effective options for 4×4 recovery In an area we know extremely well (and that includes the terrain and weather). if you find yourself in your 4×4 and have broken down or become stuck off-road then call us. We will book you in and get one of our drivers and recovery vehicles to you as quickly as possible. We are usually never far away from your area

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