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As many motorcyclists know, when riding a motorbike accidents can and do happen. Riding along on a warm day with wind in your hair and the breeze on your face is the stereotypical Easy Rider scene. But what happens if you have an accident as a motorcyclist? who do you call and where do you go for help?

There isn’t a much worse riding experience than having a motorcycle scrape on a wet and dark Sunday evening in the middle of the country! If you are unfortunate enough to have this happen to you then you need to make sure you have a good recovery company contact number close to hand.

At Duggan Recovery we are very familiar with helping motorcyclists in distress and know exactly what is needed to safely and quickly recover a motorcycle and rider to a chosen destination. Once you call us we will do everything needed to assess your situation and get a recovery vehicle to you in under 30 minutes. Any time of day, any day of the year and in any weather – providing access is possible.

Once you call us we will book you in and get our team to you. Once we are on-site and have assessed your situation, we will consider the best course of action. If the damage or accident is significant then recovery will normally involve securing and recovering your motorcycle onto our flatbed lorry. Alternatively, using a smaller recovery cradle means we can secure and tow your bike to your home, a garage or another location of your choice. We have all the equipment necessary to make recovery a fast, secure and straightforward process for a motorbike rider.

Our motorbike recovery service is available across SE Wales, including the cities of Newport, Cardiff and the towns of Caerphilly, Cwmbran, Magor, Chepstow and Barry. If you have an accident or your motorbike suffers a mechanical or tyre failure then wherever you may be in South Wales we are likely to have a motorcycle recovery vehicle near you.  If not nearby, we will let you know how long it will take to reach you, given our local knowledge of your area.

Why contact Duggan Recovery First?

As we are local recovery experts for the South Wales area, we know that getting your motorbike fixed is only half the problem. We take care of the other half by ensuring you can quickly, safely and efficiently get your bike to a repair location, a garage, your home or another destination. Whether your bike is damaged by an accident or you simply have a flat tyre or flat battery, we can provide the roadside assistance you need at an affordable price and based on professional and local expertise.

With many years of experience in motorbike recovery, we are a trusted independent and local recovery service. Call us when you need us.

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