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Stranded with a breakdown? Don’t worry, car recovery is near you.

Duggan Recovery officer breakdown recovery and towing service for people who have been involved in accidents or need emergency car repairs.

The number of cars on the road has exploded over recent decades which unfortunately offers all the more chance for a car to break down and be stranded. Drivers often find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere and on the side of the road hoping somebody will come by and offer help. This can be both worrying and frustrating as there can be little worse than having your car immobile when you have a need to go somewhere or make an important meeting.

As an experienced car towing and breakdown recovery service, we know just how frustrating it can be to find yourself with a broken-down car, in bad weather, late at night (for example).  If you find yourself on the roadside asking “is there a tow truck near me” then you want to have the number of a reliable, local recovery service to call.

We understand the difficulties and that’s why we aim to reach you in the fastest possible time with a goal of getting to you within 30 minutes. While we can’t guarantee this, we have improved our procedures and call out management to be as slick and problem-free as possible. We will arrive at your car with an aim to recover you to a location of your choice while ensuring your vehicle is towed securely and safely to your wanted destination.

If you are unfortunate enough to find your car in a breakdown situation or you need your car moved for another reason, then your first step is to contact us. Once we hear from you we will respond quickly, aiming to reach your car in the fastest time. Once we’re with you we will assess your situation and any damage to your car to work out the safest approach to recovering your vehicle and yourself.

you may need your vehicle to your home or it may make more sense to recover you directly to a garage that can give you an idea of what repairs are needed or work to get you rapidly back on the road.

Our car recovery service is available in the South Wales area with particular experience in and around Newport, Cardiff, Magor, Cwmbran, Caerphilly and Barry.

Why Call Duggan Recovery?

Our goal is to be the most reliable and affordable car recovery service in the South Wales area. With over 15 years of experience in car recovery, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know our operating area extremely well. We want to deliver the best way to get you and your car to the destination you need in an easy, quick and affordable way.

24/7 Car Recovery Service FAQ

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    What is the cost of car breakdown recovery in Newport, South Wales?

    The cost of car breakdown recovery in Newport can vary and very much depends on the company providing the service. Duggan Recovery offers some of, if not the, best prices for car recovery and towing in Newport and the outlying area. If you decide to check with other providers (or, indeed, with us) It is best to check for current pricing as it can change.


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    Who offers car breakdown recovery in Newport, South Wales?

    There are several companies that offer car breakdown recovery in Newport, South Wales, including a number of independent businesses. Duggan recovery is one of those offering a full range of recovery and towing services for cars. With modern, efficient equipment and an experienced team, we also aim to not be beaten on price. We also have the advantage of being very familiar with our local area and communities. This includes the M4 corridor through South Wales from the Severn bridges to Swansea. That is our operating area.

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    How long does it take for car breakdown recovery to arrive in Newport, South Wales?

    The time it takes for car breakdown recovery to arrive at your vehicle can vary depending on the company and the location of the breakdown. However, many companies, including Duggan recovery, aim to arrive at the breakdown location within a specified time frame (usually between 30 minutes to an hour) after receiving a call for assistance. equally important is making sure taht you, the driver, are kept informed about progress and any changes to expected arrival time.

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    What should I do if I experience a car breakdown in Newport, South Wales?

    If you experience a car breakdown in Newport or anywhere else then you should:

    Pull over to a safe location if possible
    Turn on your hazard lights
    Call a car recovery company (Duggan Recovery is 07360 074573)
    Especially remember – If you are in a dangerous location or have passengers with you, stay in your vehicle until assistance arrives.

    We highly recommend memorising these four steps as in some cases you may be disconcerted or confused after breaking down. Learning these 4 steps means taking the correct actions without being unsure in the moment.

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    What are the common causes of car breakdowns in Newport?

    From our experience, we see several common types of breakdown. Some common causes of car breakdowns include:

    Accidental collisions and other accidents
    Flat battery
    Flat tyre
    Different types of engine problems
    Fuel issues (such as running out of fuel or filling up with the wrong fuel type)
    Electrical problems
    Engine Overheating

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    Can I get my car towed to a specific location after a Newport breakdown?

    Yes, many breakdown recovery companies in Newport, South Wales offer a towing service and can take your vehicle to a specific location, like your home or a garage. At Duggan Recovery we offer this service and you can choose your recovery destination. With us, that can be local or anywhere within the mainland UK. If using other companies, it is best to check with the individual company before calling for assistance. This allows you to confirm and ensure that they offer this service and if there is any additional cost or restriction on location.

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