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Learn what to look for when hiring a tow truck service in Newport, South Wales – the six golden rules for finding an experienced, reliable provider.

From experience, we know that getting stranded in Newport due to a broken-down vehicle can be scary and daunting. Especially late at night, in winter and in bad weather!

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the right recovery service, you can find yourself on the move again with peace of mind.

At Duggan Recovery we understand how difficult and uncertain it can be to make decisions about what kind of tow truck service is best for your situation.

So, we’ve gathered our seven golden rules for finding an experienced, reliable tow truck service in Newport, South Wales. Of course, Duggan Recovery ticks all the boxes but there are other providers as well. Whoever you consider for recovery of your vehicle, always look to make sure that they meet all the possible criteria below:

Our Golden Rules For Choosing A Good Tow Truck Provider

Rule #1: Make sure the company has liability insurance that covers loss or damage related to its services. This is very important because accidents can happen with recovery tasks and it’s important to know your towing provider is covered.

Rule #2: Look for up-to-date fleet vehicles so they can assist with any type of breakdown as efficiently and quickly as possible. At Duggan Recovery, our vehicles and equipment are modern and produced for the job. However, okay that can’t be said for all,  so make sure when you contact your breakdown provider that they have all the gear necessary for a safe recovery of your vehicle

Rule #3: Check the guarantees of quality assurance safety standards and emergency response timescales. Of course,  this isn’t always the first thing on your mind when you’re calling in the rain at two in the morning.  However, a verbal check of likely emergency response timescales is always recommended (In our case, we will tell you once you contact us)

Rule #4: Ask whether the operator offers emergency alerts via SMS or mobile call so you know if your collection request has been received and if there’s a delay due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. You should at least expect to be updated by mobile phone if there is a significant response time or any unexpected delay involved in getting to you.

Rule #5: Make sure they provide good customer service with around-the-clock support along with fair transparent prices to fit any budget accordingly. Transparency of pricing is always important so you know what your recovery will involve in cost terms.  Again,  a quick conversation around pricing and recovery destination options is always recommended.

Rule #6: They should have or be working towards PAS-43 (safe working of vehicle breakdown and recovery operations) certification. This is a broad certification that covers essential compliance with safety, cost management and other important professional areas of recovery service operation.

So there you have it. These simple steps should go a long way towards helping you find an experienced, reliable tow truck service in Newport, South Wales – one that will give you peace of mind when things don’t go according to plan! If you want more information on how Duggan Recovery can help you – get in touch today!